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The Society for Professional Accountants has successfully supported smaller practitioners for over 25 years.

We understand your needs because we are practitioner led. That means we get the opportunities and pressures of running a smaller practice and can help you navigate these effectively.


The needs of clients are changing.

Technology has automated a lot of traditional compliance work; the tax system is now digital; small business owners are looking for help and support to grow.


We believe SPA members are best placed to advise their clients because as well as bringing technical expertise and experience they are themselves small businesses. Our role is to support our members so they can support their clients.

client needs are changing
We provide insight, training and development so you can stay on top of the latest developments across the sector. We work with expert providers to bring you training and development on industry issues such as tax and assurance. We make representations to Government and professional accounting bodies on your behalf so that the needs of smaller practitioners are taken on board and we provide a networking space where you can engage with fellow accounting professionals.
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