February Bulletin

february bulletin from Howard Gross

Hi everyone,

Happy February 1st New Year to all of you who file tax returns.

Please forgive me (for obvious reasons) for not sending any real time info. in January.

Many of you will have been affected by the heavy rain and gale force winds with storm Dennis the menace on the way. We sincerely hope that not too many of you have been affected. If you feel someone else might be able to help you temporarily please let me have your name, address, telephone or email (wth GDPR permission) and I will circulate members. You may be able to claim for this assistance on your insurance policy. I realise that other local members may be suffering. Some may have got through the storm and might like to help others.  Please see members matter below. We  would like to get other members to help you. Please get a non-disclosure agreement signed and if you do not have an alternate now is the time. Please use “members matter”.


Members Matter

This is something new we would like to try out. In future, provided you give us (GDPR) permission, we will email your requests online and see if we can use this medium to support you.

Please see the note about long time member Tony Hamilton attached. This should be of special  interest to members within 12 -15 miles of Watlington Oxon. Possibly further.

If you need some help please let me know.

Agent update 76

Please go to:-

This redesigned update features technical articles on both diesel and ultra-low emission company vehicles and a new entitlement to Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay from April 2020. Plus, the latest on pension scams, which are devastating – last year alone, the average victim lost £82,000.

Please let me know if you can join us with a spouse or oartner at our AGM.

NB - AGM Wednesday 10th June 2020


Please reserve your place.

More details will follow.

Kind regards,




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