Helping Tax-Payers Spot and Get Out of Tax Avoidance

Helping tax-payers spot and get out of tax avoidance

HMRC are currently running a ‘Tax avoidance – don’t get caught out’ campaign which aims to help contractors

  • spot the warning signs of tax avoidance
  • get support to leave schemes
  • report suspicious companies

You can help HMRC us protect you and networks by:

  • sharing HMRC campaign messages and posts on your relevant social media channels
  • telling them about HMRC interactive risk checker tool
  • signposting them to HMRC supportive guides, this includes personal stories from contractors
  • sharing details of tax avoidance schemes and their promoters to steer clear of. There may be others that we cannot publish at this time.

HMRC have published further guidance about HMRC campaign at Tax avoidance – don’t get caught out. Learn what it is and how to spot it ( to support you in helping your clients with this issue.

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