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HMRC wish to thank us for our co-operation over the past few weeks after they amended their services for agents (you) to focus on the Self Assessment (SA) peak. 

HMRC introduced webchat for agents. Feedback has told them that this has been a useful addition to their service, so they have decided to continue offering webchat services for the Agent Dedicated Line (ADL) beyond 31‌‌‌ ‌‌January 2024 on both SA and Pay as You Earn (PAYE). This will change how they handle some of your queries going forward.

They are also making some changes to how they support you who are progress chasing SA, PAYE and Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) tax relief repayments on the ADL – which will begin immediately. 

Continuing our webchat service

Around 15,000 agents each month have been using HMRC webchat services.

You will be able to access the service via digital assistant which which is currently dealing with around 40% of all SA queries without the need to transfer to an HMRC colleague. HMRC know that some of you will have complex or urgent SA queries and will need to speak to one of HMRC advisers – they can still call HMRC ADL, selecting option 1 from the menu.

HMRC PAYE webchat service will focus on repayment queries and can be accessed through PAYE digital assistant. If you have PAYE coding queries or complex PAYE queries you can call the ADL, selecting option 2 from the menu.

What’s changing about repayment queries and progress chasing?

HMRC say the majority of repayments are being made well within HMRC service level agreements, however, more than a third of calls to the ADL are from repayment agents progress chasing an SA, PAYE or PPI tax relief repayment, often within a few weeks of the claim being submitted and sometimes in large quantities. This prevents HMRC advisers from helping you with more complex or urgent enquiries.

HMRC are taking steps to limit progress chasing contact where HMRC can, whilst still offering an effective service to those of you who need it. From‌‌‌ ‌‌1‌‌‌ ‌‌February 2024, we ask that all of you who wish to progress chase repayment queries consult the Where’s my reply’ tool first before contacting HMRC. HMRC define progress chasing as contacting HMRC specifically to find out when the repayment claim is likely to be processed or paid.

‘Where’s my reply’ gives an estimated date as to when you can expect HMRC to process your repayment claim. If the expected date of processing shown on ‘Where’s my reply’ has not passed, HMRC advisers will be unable to help with the query. If the date has passed, you can contact HMRC to check the status of the repayment claim.

From 1‌‌‌ ‌‌February 2024 if you wish to progress chase a PAYE repayment once the date on ‘Where’s my reply’ has passed, this must be done using the PAYE webchat service only. HMRC say they will be able to provide dedicated and expert support.

Please also note that for SA repayments, if a repayment has been selected for security checks, HMRC may ask you to wait a further 12 weeks before contacting them again to allow time for those checks to take place.

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