How to Price and Sell Tax Consultancy Work

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April 30, 2024 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
James Butterworth

Do you know the difference between proactive and reactive tax advice? How proactive are you? Do you wish it was more?

Do your have all the skills and resources to be able to brainstorm and evaluate tax solutions? Do you have trusted tax advisors? Is there a gap in their skillset?

How confident do you feel at pricing and selling tax consultancy work? Do you wish you could be better?

James Butterworth, Senior Tax Consultant and VIP Commercial Manager, will be sharing some of the insights into this important subject based on experience gained in a career of over 30 years providing tax consultancy advice.


Key learning points

  • Understanding the difference between reactive and proactive tax advice
  • The important skills and resources needed to give more proactive advice
  • An overview of consultative selling
  • The importance of fact finding and client objectives
  • Selling features and benefits of the work you will do
  • Negotiating scope and price


Speaker: James Butterworth
James is a highly experienced mixed tax consultancy professional who has worked for a number of Big 4, top 10 and large independent accountancy practices. With a particular emphasis on dealing with entrepreneurs and their companies, James’ other headline achievements include leading the corporation tax aspects of a technical department, an international assignment in New York together with considerable transaction tax and tax consulting experience. James advises on most corporate tax matters including company reorganisations and tax clearances, capital gains tax, property taxes including SDLT and share incentives. James has significant experience in dealing with HMRC and in negotiating successful outcomes.